A personal friendly referral service looking to save you time and money by connecting you with the very best service providers at no cost to you!

Rosebank Referrals

What do we do?

Founded by Judith Royden, Rosebank Referrals takes away the challenging and time consuming chore of finding a reliable product or professional service, suited to you or your business.

The only investment for you is to the company you choose to do business with, should you buy a product or service from them.

Rosebank Referrals

  • links private and business clients with top quality service providers
  • is all about making seamless introductions.
  • will only introduce you to companies
    • that are trusted partners
    • known for professionalism and value
    • who can deal with clients countrywide
  • makes the introduction with no hassle and importantly no fee

If you would like a warm introduction to a Rosebank partner or to find out more please get in touch using the Contact Form below.

About Judith

Building long lasting relationships with clients and trying to save them money has always been of upmost importance to Judith. With a career spanning over 40 years, as a Premier Bank Manager, developing relationships and nurturing connections became second nature. Rosebank Referrals is built on the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained over those four decades.

Referral Partners

Here are a selection of products and services that Rosebank Referrals can help you with. The list is not exhaustive so please contact us via the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page and we will endeavour to help source what you require.

We are here to help


Commercial Insurance Broker

Hugely experienced independent insurance brokers who can use their vast experience to source the best quotes and find the right insurance policy for your business.

Financial Advice

An independent whole of market company that can look after your tax efficient investments, protection and long term care planning.


A highly respected and experienced Accountant who can assist with pre-year end tax planning to mitigate Corporation and Personal Tax and most importantly is on your side.


An experienced Mortgage Broker that can help clients achieve their property dreams and ambitions.

Commercial Lending

A common-sense approach to even the most complex secured lending decisions. A professional independent whole of market Commercial Lending Company.

Private face to face GP service

Get your own Private visiting face to face GP service for you and your family or your business.

Healthcare and Employee Benefits Broker

An independent specialist Employee Benefits Broker working with personal, SME and corporate clients across the UK.

Business Consultant

Unlike traditional consulting companies my referral partner becomes your own personal management partner, working alongside you as an advisory member of your team.

Electric Vehicle charging points

If your organisation is considering how to lower your carbon footprint and how to save money running your vehicle fleet, electric vehicles certainly help with this and are becoming the future.

Cyber Security

Nothing is more frustrating or disruptive to your business than a data breach or a cyber-attack.

Commercial Energy

I have access to an experienced Energy Broker company that can provide my clients with a free energy review to see how much they can save you.


Are you having any IT support issues or technical challenges? Do you understand the different M365 licensing and the associated benefits?


Rosebank Referrals can provide a whole range of recommendations Please see below for a list of more referral partners

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Stephen Gray MD MTC NorthWest said on 31 Jul 2023

The moment I reached out to Rosebank Referrals seeking assistance, I was met with a level of efficiency and commitment that truly sets this business apart from the rest. Judith Royden's attention to detail, passion for helping others, and genuine care for her clients shine through in everything she does. Judith's approach to the referral process is nothing short of extraordinary - The fantastic companies she has referred me to have saved me an incredible amount of time and effort in finding reliable and reputable businesses. I cannot speak highly enough of Rosebank Referrals and Judith Royden. The experience of working with them has been nothing short of exceptional, and I am forever grateful for the invaluable connections I have made through their services. If you are seeking outstanding businesses and services, backed by the unwavering commitment of an exceptional owner like Judith, I wholeheartedly recommend Rosebank Referrals. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Darren Rigby MD RIGBY Group said on 25 Jul 2023

I have worked with Judith for many years, previously when she was my Premier Bank Manager at NatWest. Judith has always been extremely hard working and professional, and has at all times always had my and the RIGBY Group of companies best interests at heart. Recently Judith has set up her own company namely Rosebank Referrals, and since then, we at the RIGBY Group have continued our business relationship with Judith where she has successfully referred us to some very key companies in numerous professions, and that we have engaged to provide some very important services on our behalf. We at the RIGBY Group recommend Judith to many of our business associates and colleagues, as she has a wealth of contacts that you probably wouldn't know unless you spoke to her.

Cliff Graham Chairman. West Coast Corrugated said on 25 Jan 2023

I have known Judy for many years and have no hesitation in recommending her services to other companies or individuals. I have always found her to be hard working knowledgeable and interested in whatever issues we may have had . Over the years she has helped our company with lots of diverse problems and find her an outstanding individual in many respects. West Coast Corrugated is always looking for great partnerships for our business and Judy has proven that she is professional asset to anyone.

Bev Howard said on 16 Dec 2022

Judith is one in a million. In all my years working I have never heard or seen anyone communicate on the level that Judith does. She has a unique way with people, it is a gift. Judith is a professional, knowledgeable, business individual who is dedicated to each project she works on. Would highly recommend meeting with Judith to explore how she can help.

Desmond Platt said on 19 Dec 2022

I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend a discussion with Judith in any of the areas mentioned above. I know from having worked with her that she will go to extraordinary lengths to help people. She puts their needs first. The level of service and her personality ensured that such contacts would stay with her . The role she had in premier banking demanded high standards and she looks for the same attributes in anyone that she would recommend. Consequently, those contacts are delighted to receive referrals from her. You could not have anyone better than Judith to recommend your own business or to provide a friendly warm introduction to any of her contacts.

Charlie Denton Walton Property Development said on 04 Jan 2023

I have know Judy for over 15 years and I always know when I ask for her expert guidance it will be timely, honest and most importantly that I can trust any business or service she would refer me over to.

Tony Grant English Football Coach and former player said on 06 Jan 2023

Judith is a very professional person, and someone I would trust wholeheartedly, whatever your needs or concerns a conversation with Judith will be a solution.

Andrew Brown Director Stand Up For Southport and Andrew Brown Media said on 12 Jan 2023

Judith Royden is an excellent go-to person to make the best connections for businesses. She has a huge wealth of knowledge, contacts and expertise across a wide range of sectors and services. Her years in senior positions within the premier banking industry have created a first class understanding of what works best for firms. Judith goes to huge lengths to ensure the very best outcomes for clients she works with. An initial conversation will be a great first step to exploring the many solutions that she can provide for your business

Peter Sykes, Colin Sykes Foodstores said on 07 Feb 2023

Judy has been a reliable and supportive contact for over 15 years. Her knowledge, understanding and positive approach to all of life’s challenges make doing business easy, both Business and Personal. Couldn’t recommend her enough to assist in supporting businesses at all levels

Dr Stephen Hennessy Dr Hennessy Clinics said on 15 Feb 2023

I’ve known Judith now for over 10 years and during her years in premier banking have always known how efficient and professional she is . It doesn’t surprise me she’s gone into this line of work - building relationships , as that’s always been her forte . She’s definitely been my “ go to “ for advice in business matters as she seems to know every business in Southport and to be honest so lovely to chat to aswell ! So glad she’s around to help when I need her !

Deborah Fell said on 01 Feb 2023

We worked as a team for over 15 years, Judy was instrumental in helping clients achieve their life goals. Always looking out for the client and over delivering was an everyday occurrence. Trustworthy, honest, dedicated I know you will be well looked after using Judy’s services.

Ged Safford MD G Stafford (Poultry) Ltd said on 13 Jul 2023

Judith has helped me with many projects over the last 15 years when she worked in the Bank .Her expertise is endless and her work rate is phenomenal. She is a brilliant business person and a great orator, very intelligent and has had vast experience in so many differing fields of industry and business. I am now continuing to work with Judith whenever the opportunity presents itself, with her new company and have already taken up some recommendations for various insurances and saved money.

Dr. Baroness Helen Newlove LLD (hc) DCL said on 29 Jun 2023

I have known Judith for over 10 years and her passion and tenacity are still as highly charged now as they were at the start. People skills are underestimated within business and for me personally, I feel you get the best from people which ripples down to connecting with others. I am delighted that Judith has not down tools and has resolved to work for herself using all her knowledge and skills etc, and again with her navigation she has steered me to the people who match my mindset in supporting my new business “The Mouse Now Roars” .

John McKeown MD Ibiza Calm said on 27 Jul 2023

I have known Judith for around three years. We were stuck and needed help with our mortgage (it wasn’t a simple purchase!) She was incredibly helpful and due to this experience we have since worked jointly on other business connections and development. Her professionalism, knowledge and constant positivity is something that stands out. Long may our relationship continue.

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